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Stopagrind Skateboard Deterrents
Do you have a problem with skateboarders damaging your property by grinding their skateboards against them? Are they scaring off your potential customers in front of your business? If the answer is yes, then we can help. StopaGrind designs and manufactures standard and custom metal fittings that act as a deterrent to protect your architectural features. We currently offer hand railing deterrents, wall deterrents, seat wall deterrents, planter deterrents, park bench deterrents, picnic table deterrents, and wall cap deterrents.

Our low profile skateboard deterrents are custom machined right here in the U.S. from a solid block of aluminum. This allows us to match just about any contour at no additional cost to you. This also gives us a substantally higher quality product than our competitors, as our competitors products are made using the old sand casting technology that creates a weaker part and a pitted finish. All of our deterrents and stops are completely rounded and deburred limiting the inconvenience to the general public.

All of Stopagrind's skateboard deterrents are machined on a per order basis. This allows us to match your particular contour, eliminating the likelihood of tampering by disgruntled skateboarders.
Choose from our standard machined or sand blasted finish at no extra charge.
As an added benefit at no extra charge to our customers stopagrind offers delayed shipping up to twelve months in advance to help reduce the likelihood of lost or misplaced products on the jobsite.
Don't see any products that will work for your project? Stopagrind's
engineers can design custom deterrents for you or we can build to your print.
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